Gale Maleskey Speaking

"Gale Maleskey's presentation, 'Nutrition for Walkers,' during an event I held in Philadelphia, was a big hit. She covered all the topics I hoped for, including glucosamine, vitamin D, calcium and fish oil. Gale explains scientific research in a way that is easy to understand. She recognizes that people want to share their own experiences, and is able to direct an audience-based discussion that allows everyone who desires to participate."

Maggie Spilner
President, Walk For All Seasons

Public Speaking / Media Interviews

Ms. Maleskey enjoys presenting controversial nutrition topics to the public, and is available for speaking engagements and lively speaker/audience discussions and small group work.

Her venues include senior centers, community centers, yoga and walking classes, wellness centers, and corporate wellness programs.

Among her current speaking topics:

  • How We Age (and what we can do about it)
  • Nutrition for Walkers
  • The Care and Feeding of Your Brain
  • Five Easy Ways to Prevent Diabetes
  • Savvy Sweets: Healthy Alternatives to White Sugar
  • Cancer and Supplements: What You Need to Know
  • Is It Alzheimer's... or Something Else?

Ms. Maleskey is also available for media interviews. She has done book promotions on TV and radio, including Lifetime, FOX, UPN, CNBC, and WKYW. (DVD available on request.)

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